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Emergency Response

If you are currently experiencing an actual emergency, please dial 9-1-1.

When a Disaster or other Emergency Strikes

Call 2-1-1 for non-emergency questions and resources, or text the keywords “SOCO DISASTER” to 898211 for updates on evacuation areas, shelter locations, power shutoffs, mental health resources and other disaster information.

Whether a fire, flood, earthquake, or other emergency, 2-1-1 Sonoma provides a central source of information where people can turn to receive or give help.

Information available from 2-1-1 during and following a Disaster or other Emergency:

  • Location of emergency shelters
  • Road closures
  • Animal evacuation sites
  • Where to find food and water
  • How to access government or nonprofit resources
  • How to volunteer to help
  • How to make a donation
  • How to find a lost family member or friends

Outside Bay Area

If you are calling from outside the Bay Area and need to reach 2-1-1 in Sonoma County, please call 800-325-9604.

Agency Updates

Agencies can help 2-1-1 during a time of Disaster or other Emergency by letting us know of any emergency-related services they offer, and by keeping us informed as changes occur.

Email: nicollette.weinzveg@unitedwaywinecountry.org