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Wildfire Readiness

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These recommendations were developed and are provided by Cal Fire and include:

What to do when there is a Red Flag Warning

Red Flag Warnings are issued by the National Weather Service, a Red Flag Warning means warm temperatures, very low humidities, and stronger winds are expected to combine to produce an increased risk of fire danger.  To understand where events are happening go to SoCoEmergency.org for local emergency updates and maps
Red Flag Warning

  • Make sure your emergency plan is up-to-date and ready
  • Get your go bag out and make it accessible
  • Make sure your phone is charged, and leave it on and near you to be sure you can receive alerts.
  • Leave your car out of the garage and ensure you have plenty of gas
  • Contact neighbors to ensure awareness of red flag warning and offer assistance as you are able
  • Let your out of town emergency contacts know what is happening

These activities are restricted, or at least strongly discouraged,  during times with high heat, low humidity and moderate wind:

  1. Never mow or trim dry grass because a power tool could spark on a rock and start a grass fire..
  2. No wood or charcoal camp fires in forests during periods of high fire danger. See Sonoma County Parks for details.
  3. Be careful with discarding smoking material. Note, smoking may be prohibited in forests during periods of high fire danger.
  4. Do not pull your vehicle over in grass as it can spark a grass fire. If necessary, pull over on paved roads.
  5. Use spark arrestors on portable gasoline powered equipment to avoid an accidental fire.
  6. Properly maintain vehicles to prevent starting fires along roads due to sparks or flammable materials being spit out from the catalytic converter system.
  7. Ensure trailer chains don’t drag on the ground and spark.
  8. Shooting of firearms is unsafe during periods of high fire hazards in County areas.
  9. Use extreme caution with welding or blowtorch projects. Again, this activity may be restricted in forest areas during elevated fire conditions.
  10. Burning plant cuttings on high fire danger days is unsafe. To learn if it is a “No Burn Day,” visit Sonoma County Fire District and Sonoma County Fire Prevention.

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Review maps and associated data related to wildfire risk in Sonoma county.

Power Shutoffs

Power OutagePG&E will shutdown electrical power to certain areas during times of high risk of wildfire to protect the public. Power could be out for a number of days depending on conditions.

For information about how to prepare and sign up for notifications, and what to expect, please see Power Shutoffs.