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Information about Restraining Orders and Court Dates

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Information about Restraining Orders and Court Dates during Court Closure

April 13, 2020

Court Dates: The Civil Courts are closed for most proceedings through April 14, 2020. That date may be extended. Temporary Restraining Orders (TROs) that expire during this period will be extended automatically by the Court without a hearing. The Court will notify you of your new court date by mail.

The Court is still accepting requests for Temporary Restraining Orders (TROs) during the closure. Legal Aid can prepare and file the application for you. Call (707)-595-6295 during business hours, if you need our help. We will help you and file applications by phone and computer, not in person.

You may also request a Temporary Restraining Order on your own by completing the necessary paperwork and filing it at the Hall of Justice, 600 Administrative Drive, Department 107(J), Santa Rosa.

You may also still call the police or sheriff if you feel unsafe.