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Residential Well Water Users

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Following two years of drought, groundwater tables are dropping in some parts of Sonoma County. As a result, some wells may be experiencing increases in contaminants and/or declines in the amount of water they produce. Well owners are personally responsible for testing their wells to ensure their water is safe.


Has your well gone dry?

Resources for private well owners experiencing a decline in groundwater levels:

  • MyDryWell.water.ca.gov: Inform state and local agencies about the impact of the drought on your groundwater
  • Permit Sonoma: Apply for a permit to refurbish, replace or construct a well.
  • Wellowner.org: Find a well drilling/maintenance contractor to drill wells, lower well pumps, clean well screens and assess casings to allow for optimal well flow.
  • GSA Map Viewer: Find the Groundwater Sustainability Agency in your area to learn more about groundwater management in your region.

Learn more and get involved

Sonoma County has three Groundwater Sustainability Agencies that were created to manage groundwater in the regional watersheds. They work to protect groundwater resources and ensure its sustainable use.

To learn more and how to get involved for each basin, visit: